Specialized Testing Services
Specialized Testing Services: Internationalization and Localization
As a result of working on QA and localization over the last several years, our testing team has gained considerable experience. We offer customized localization and internationalization QA solutions to help companies reduce both the cost and time to market.
Internalization testing
Software internalization testing ensures that product content meets the cultural and convention expectation of local markets without altering the core source code. Its goal is to validate that the design of the product supports various locale requirements and is adaptable to various language interface, user inputs, storage, and transmission requirements.
Our internalization testing consultants perform thorough analysis on the products and help to identify the correctness of the following functions:
Coding mechanism including Unicode and other industry standards
Unicode character set/MBCS data such as margin characters
Complex language such as Arabic, Rabbinic, Indic and Thai
Input methods, specially the input editor designed for Asian languages
Culture Convention such as time format, address format and expression of digit and money
Localization testing
Localization is the process of modifying the product to fit the cultural and language needs of the local markets. As the last step of localization, testing ensures that the modification was carried out properly without damaging core product.
We have extensive experience in providing localization testing. Our testing engineers and linguistic specialists work to ensure the final product meets the exact requirements of the targeted market and there is no damage to core functions of the product. Our testing services include:
Installation of localized products
Validation of functions
Validation of interface, controls, and other local add-ons
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