With the advent of Internet and globalization, software applications have become much more complex. For the companies that develop these applications, they realize that they need to spend more time and money on quality assurance in order to ensure that the product releases meet customer expectations. Resources devoted to testing and QA often mean resources drained from R&D and marketing. A growing trend among software companies is for the core company to focus on developing software, while outsourcing its testing and validation to a trusted third party vendor.
BizSmooth offers independent testing and QA solutions for various systems and platforms. They range from OS to middleware, from embedded system to application software. Moreover, our team has extensive experience in globalization and localization testing. To achieve the best possible ROI possible for our clients, our testing solution utilizes testing optimization and automation. We designed our solution to be flexible to our client needs, and tailor our teams with relevant expertise depending on projects sizes and testing scenarios. Our clients benefit greatly from our customized and cost-saving testing solutions as well as our many accumulated years of industry experience in providing QA services for global IT companies.
Our general QA services include:
Functional testing
Security testing
User acceptance testing
Installation testing
Stress/load testing
Automation testing
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